Queer Projections aims to bring queer films to the Sunshine Coast in order to promote LGBTQ visibility and encourage communication and connections across our varied communities. Through these film events, we hope to foster understanding, equality, diversity and counteract the effects of homophobia and discrimination.

Queer Projections was founded in 2013 by Billie Carroll, Laurie Lesk and Anna Nobile.  Both Laurie Lesk and Anna Nobile left the group in early 2015.  The group is now co-ordinated by Billie Carroll, and continues due to the efforts of many volunteers including Sandi McGinnis, Bonnie Smith, Sherry Hallson, Glynnis Roberton and Sage DeBelle.

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Rhizome Up! Media

Queer Projections events are produced by the Rhizome Up! Media Society, a BC registered non-profit society. contactus [at] rhizomeup [dot] ca